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Lead Generation & Marketing Ideas to Help Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers to Sell More Homes

The Massive Agent Podcast is a real estate marketing podcast for Realtors and Loan Officers, with the goal of helping you take YOUR real estate business to the next level. We'll give you equal parts ideas and real world execution. As a prominent personality in the real estate marketing space, Dustin Brohm, distills these ideas, tips, and strategies down so they can be grasped by real estate pros of all experience levels. As you'll hear Dustin say often, "if he can do it, YOU can do it!".

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August 16, 2018

How to Turn Old Leads into New Clients- Ep 34

How to Turn Old Leads into New Clients and Increase Your Business There's Gold in Them Hills! You probably have a pile of old leads that are just sitting there…
August 9, 2018

How Your Marketing Is Pissing People Off, AND Zillow Gets into Mortgages- Ep 33

¬†How Your Marketing Is Pissing People Off, AND Zillow Gets into Mortgages I hope you're wearing steel toed boots, because this week, I'm stepping on toes! I may just call…
August 2, 2018

What Most Agents are Doing Wrong w/ Katie Lance- Ep 32

Sitting down w/ Katie Lance to find out what most real estate agents are doing wrong, and what they're doing right The one and only Katie Lance, author of Get…