Overcoming the Fear of Doing Videos

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Often times what you think is a liability is actually an asset. Specifically, the things that you're worried about happening if you post videos and content online would actually HELP you if they ended up happening.

But when you're holding back because you're worried about how you look, sound, or whatever, those worries are often unfounded. You're worried about some jackass talking shit about your videos when in fact, you'll get more support and praise than you ever expected.

But let's say once you do get really consistent with posting content online and you grow a big audience. You finally make it to the level where there are trolls making asshole comments to you.

GOOD! That means you're doing something very right and you're getting enough people to see your content. If you weren't moving or doing anything worth watching, you'd never hear a troll make a comment about your hair style that day.

People only talk shit when you're doing big things that make them feel bad about where they're at in life.

In other words… dogs don't bark at parked cars.

This episode is for Realtors everywhere, at any point in your content creation journey, to understand that what you fear or worry about may actually be exactly what you want to happen.


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