The difference between your personal Facebook Profile and a Facebook Business Page, and how to increase the organic reach of each

The question I get most from real estate agents and loan officers is “Should I post to my personal profile, or my Facebook Business Page?” Well, you should be using BOTH, regularly, but they each function differently and should be used differently. For example, if you want to run Facebook Ads, you can only do that from a business Page. The way Facebook Live sends out notifications is also slightly different on your profile versus your Page. If going Live on your personal profile, Facebook actually sends out a notification to your friends that you're Live! That's GOLD! You literally cannot buy a notification, so to get one sent out for free is huge!

If going Live on your Page, Facebook only sends out Live notifications to those who have actually turned ON notifications for your Page. Few, if any, of your followers have done that. So going Live from yur profile has the potential to get you quite a bit more organic reach. You should still go Live on your Page, but you'll need to go live consistently over time to build up more organic reach for your Page's FB Live's.

One trick to get more organic reach for your Live videos on your real estate Facebook Page is to share the Live video to your personal profile, and to some select Facebook Groups. Doing so will give your Page's live video a nice organic boost of potential viewers. Try to keep your Live videos going for more than 10 minutes as well, to give the Facebook algorithm time to find viewers for you. Shorter videos don't give the algorithm enough time to build an audience, so keep that in mind.

Ultimately, what matters most is whether or not your Live video or post is actually engaging and interesting to people. Putting out content that gets attention, and keeps attention, is paramount, and if you can do that, Facebook will reward you generously by giving you more organic reach.

Also in this show, I lay out a specific step-by-step tactic you can use to grow your Facebook Page's “Likes” and followers, using Facebook's own platform. (In case you don't already know, NEVER buy followers!!) Plus we'll talk about why the # of Likes your Page has is pretty much irrelevant, except for ONE specific reason. Learn tactics to increase the organic reach your posts are getting, both on your profile, and your Page. You'll definitely learn something on this week's show!


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Facebook Pages vs Personal Profiles & How to Increase Your Organic Reach - Massive Agent Podcast 021

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