The best organizational “system” in the world can't make you productive. YOU must consistently use the system to be more productive.

Let's talk about time management, and some systems for being more productive. On this episode, I describe my “system” for getting stuff done efficiently. But at the same time, we need to talk about how to get motivated, and STAY motivated. You could have the best time management system in the world, but without deep motivation keeping you moving forward, it's not going to work. In addition, so many of you are way too hard on yourself for not being perfect. News flash: no one is perfect. We all get in funks from time to time. All of us. It's normal, especially when you're working your ass off day after day.

Back when I first started in the real estate industry I really had no experience being in business for myself.  I did not expect by becoming a realtor I was really an entrepreneur starting my own small business.  I had to realize early on I needed to get out of the employee mindset, I was in business for myself and I was in charge of making my business succeed.

I have found a combination of my calendar and to-do list help me best manage my crazy schedule and multiple businesses.  I use the apple calendar, my iPhone to-do list and Trello to dump my ideas and thoughts.  I have found a digital calendar works best for me it syncs to all my devises and is easy.  Using a handwritten calendar does not have the flexibility to notify me and is only written in one place.  I know a paper calendar works for some, I just prefer digital.  Using notes in my phone allows me to create to-do lists I can reference all day and tackle when I have a break in my day.  Trello is another great tool and is essentially a digital whiteboard.   A place you can dump all your thoughts and ideas.  I organize my different Trello boards with my different businesses and thoughts for the future.

My systems are by no means perfect but the bottom line is no matter what system you implement in your business you must have a deep fricken desire to kill it.  This deep desire is the drive that prevents us from being distracted and doing non-income producing things like video games and going to dinner with friends instead of working when you know you should.  You need to know and understand your “why.”  This understanding is going to guide you and keep you on track when you feel like giving up or procrastinating and distracting yourself.

If part of the problem is motivation don't be mad at yourself.  It's only a temporary lack of motivation.  This is where knowing your “why” becomes so important.  To get back on track you need to dig deep and remember what you want out of life.  Think about how you will feel when you have accomplished whatever it is you want or how your life will feel.  If you can feel the deep burning desire inside it is going to happen.  This feeling will keep you doing the tasks necessary to get you to the point of life you desire.  You need to start by figuring out your goal and working backward.  Start with your goal: why you want to do it, and how do I make it happen.

Things aren't always going to be super either rosy.  When you're frustrated, you want to give up, or your just pissed off at something, give yourself permission to screw up.  Give yourself the flexibility to be down or have an off day.  Most times I don't recognize it was burn out until after the fact.  I start out my week on fire and motivated then suddenly my energy is gone and I am drained.  It's ok, here's the beautiful part about being an entrepreneur and running your own business.  Nobody is going to fire you if you miss three days of work.  Guys, its ok take the time needed to rejuvenate and get back on the horse.  This happens to me a few times a month.  I usually have a few days I waste that are not as productive as they should be.  I spend a few days feeling this way, then eventually what happens is my deep burning desire to accomplish all my goals takes over and pushes me out of this space and back being productive again.  We work in an incredibly tough industry.  As realtors and loan officers we have to perform, market ourselves and fill our pipeline.  Guys, I get it this is tough but it does not mean it is not worth it.  Recognize what you are doing at this moment.  Even if you have just closed one deal.  Congratulations, there has never been more competition than there is now in all markets.  You are doing great.

I suggest you focus like a laser on your schedule and to-do list.  Try to avoid distractions that limit your ability to reach your goals.  The best entrepreneurs work through the hardest spots and the leanest times.  You have to work through the lean times to understand and appreciate the good times.  I absolutely know this from experience.  I went through adversity and I'm glad I struggled.  It taught me to be stronger and how to persevere.  If I had not had any struggles I would be weak.  Guys you don't have to do exactly what I do but if something I do will help you please start implementing it into your business immediately.   It might take a little trial and error to figure out what's going to keep you on fire and motivated to get things done but when you do I promise it will be worth it.




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