No matter your hobby or passion, you can absolutely become the go-to real estate agent in that world

You may have heard that in order to be successful in business, in real estate or elsewhere, you should find what you love doing or talking about, and build a business around it. It makes sense, you’ll stick with it long enough to win if you love doing it. But HOW do you do that exactly, especially if you’re a real estate agent? How can you sell more homes by focusing on what you love doing or talking about?

This week we talk to Sean Mitchell aka the Tesla Realtor, a real estate agent in Denver who is doing just that, and turning their love for Tesla and electric vehicles into closed real estate transactions. As a relatively new real estate agent, Sean has successfully leveraged his Tesla hobby, and the network of people he’s met through that, into a database of like-minded people who then reach out for help buying or selling homes. 

Sean is quickly becoming known as the Tesla Realtor both in Denver, and online. In Denver, Sean is the President of the Denver Tesla Club and has grown the membership from 75 to nearly 1,000 in a couple short years. Online, Sean has built one of the fastest growing EV-related YouTube channels and brands out there. Since recording and publishing his very first Tesla YouTube video in 2017, he’s now exploded to 25,000 subscribers. That's up 250% in just the last 6 months!

Not only will you learn some great tips on leveraging your hobbies and passions to help you sell more homes, but he also shares some great YouTube tips and strategies. 

No matter what your hobby or passion is, there is absolutely a way to become involved in the community and become their go-to real estate agent

How are you leveraging your passions and hobbies to grow your network?

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Sean Mitchell
The Tesla Realtor

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