Voice marketing and Alexa in Real Estate marketing can leverage yourself as the go to voice in your local community

Whether you recognize it or not, voice-controlled devices using Alexa, Google, and Siri are taking over. The ability to market yourself and your business on those devices is already possible, with the use of Alexa Flash Briefings, Alexa Skills and Google Home Skills, podcasts, and more.  On this episode, we talk about how you too can market your brand on Echo, Google Home, and HomePod.

A few weeks ago, I attended VoiceCon in NYC and I learned a ton about specific ways we, as Realtors and loan officers, can use voice marketing to get more clients and sell more homes.  I'm stoked to share with you guys all the things I learned about voice marketing from VoiceCon.

I spent my first full day with Gary Vaynerchuk and his VaynerMedia team.  They brought in high-level executives from some major players in many different industries.  The Chief Branding Officer of Chase Bank, reps from Google, Amazon, and one of the largest spirit companies in the world, Diageo, just to name a few.  They are all creating Flash Briefings, Skills, and really cool ways to engage with their customers through voice marketing.  If these giant brands are already seeing the potential of voice marketing, I am sure as heck going to be in this space… and so should you.

Stats that will blow your mind

Now I know, it's hard to think about anything other than what's available right this second.  It's hard to do something new and different. Before you get too skeptical on me, listen to these stats.  Wordstream explains how FIFTY percent of all searches will be done by voice by the year 2020. That's only a year and a half away! I could not believe this, it's insane!  As of January 2018, there was an estimated one billion voice searches a month.  One out of every four shoppers from Amazon used voice assistance to complete their holiday shopping.  Seventy-one percent use Alexa enabled devices.  Seventy-two percent of people say voice is a part of their daily routine.  Out of all things sold on Amazon, the Echo Dot was the best selling product during the 2017 Holiday season.  So what is 2018 and 2019 going to look like?  Guys, you have to start thinking about all the opportunities with voice.  If you want to be a marketer in the future and have your business heard you MUST be present where people are putting their attention.

Voice is all about convenience and less friction

Once you get a taste of this convenience and how frictionless using your voice is, you start to expect this ease of use and it becomes the new expectation and experience.  This is one of the big points Gary Vaynerchuck himself was trying to drive home at VoiceCon. He is 100% convinced that “voice is next” and his entire company is working off that belief as well.  It's the next step in reducing friction between the consumer and doing want they want to be done.  We as consumers are all about convenience and speed.

Voice is here now, so let's talk about what the hell to do with it.  If you're convinced voice marketing is the future especially as a local Realtor and Loan Officer the first thing you want to do is to start using voice marketing right this second.  You can start by creating an Alexa Daily Briefing.  These are basically tiny podcasts. Flash briefings don't require a special software developer.   All you do is upload an audio file and use a podcast host to deliver it.  I use the free version of Buzzsprout to host the Massive Agent Podcast, and my new Massive Agent Minute Alexa Flash Briefing, but there are many other hosts to choose from.  It's really just that easy guys.

The Massive Agent Minute Alexa Flash Briefing

Now for the exciting news.  We now have our own Alexa Flash Briefing!  It's called The Massive Agent Minute.  It will include a new 60 second tip or insight, every day, to help Realtors and Loan Officers.  Topic's I will touch on will be stories, rants, motivation, news, tips, and marketing ideas.

How to Subscribe to the Massive Agent Minute Flash Briefing

To subscribe to the Massive Agent Minute flash briefing, here is what you need to do.

Go to your Alexa app on your phone.

Click on Skills in the menu

Search for “Massive Agent”

Click on the Massive Agent Minute and Enable the briefing!

Then to play the Massive Agent Minute each day, just say “Alexa, play my Flash Briefings”

Alexa will then play all the Briefings you're subscribed to.  Check out this Social Media Examiner article about how to create your own Alexa Flash Briefing and a step by step explanation about how they work.

We'll talk more about voice marketing more as I learn more and new technology comes to light.  I'm excited this is something you can do right now to create more content and I can now give you guys new stuff every day.

Thanks for listening to the Massive Agent Podcast! I appreciate all your support. We ask that you help us spread the word, so go to your Apple Podcasts app on your iphone and leave a review or rating for the show.  Thank you so much for helping us grow!!


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