The One Question to Ask Potential Clients in your First Meeting to Build Massive Trust and Earn a Client for Life!

Asking this one question when meeting a potential client for the first time will greatly increase your chances of getting them as a client. People hire those they know, like, and TRUST. Gain their trust instantly by asking this question, and I guarantee you'll sell more homes.

So what is this question?  Well first, let's talk about planting the right marketing seeds very early on so we have clients to ask questions too.  Marketing is planting seeds so you are relevant when your target market is in the position to need your services.  Two weeks ago I got a random text message asking if I could help someone moving from Austin Texas buy a house.  They wanted to know if I was available to show homes.  I texted them back and agreed to show them homes.   Guys, it's so important when you get a call like this to always ask, how did you hear about us?  They told me they had heard about me from a mom Facebook group.  This was so cool to hear.  I have planted the seeds in the past and they are now showing up.  If I had given up on marketing or not marketed and had given up when it was hard I would not have been receiving these kinds of calls today.

Something I have learned a while back.  When it comes to meeting clients whether it's a listing presentation, a buyers consultation, whatever it is, they will hire somebody they trust.  Someone they trust, to be honest, take care of them, and get the job done.  One of the best ways to win their trust is to ask them this question.  Do I have your permission, to be honest with you?  They will always say, yes!  Tell them look, guys, you're hiring me to look out for your best interest and take care of you.  Do I have permission to burst your bubble, and rain on your parade, and tell you when you're in love with a piece of shit house?  You're hiring me to protect you and I need to know I can be brutally honest with you even if it pisses you off and makes you angry.  Whenever I do this something clicks and I instantly resonate with them.  Someone who is not trustworthy would not ask this question.  I have been getting way more clients since I have been asking for the permission to be brutally honest with people.

Always keep in mind people will hire someone they know, like, and trust.  You're not here to sugar coat anything or tell people what they want to hear or let them lead themselves off a cliff.  You need to develop their trust and protect them for their own good.  Now once you hire them you have to follow through with this.  If they fall head over heels in love with a house and you know they have FHA financing and the house needs to many repairs make sure to tell them to find another option.  By guiding them down the right path and being honest I'm telling you your clients will be so much happier, respect and refer you.  If you consciously have to make an effort, to be honest with people you might want to do some soul searching because that's just kinda shitty.  But if you are just timid or scared to cross a line just say your opinion respectfully and come from a place of trying to help them avoid heartache or stress.

After you build their trust make sure you explain to them what the next steps in the home buying process will be.  Especially if they are first time home buyers.  They need help understanding the entire process so they can wrap their heads around what to expect next.  This way the process seems less intimidating and you are showing they can trust you to hold their hand and explain everything to eliminate as much stress as possible.  Set the expectations early on about what expenses to prepare for.  Although you are free as a buyer agent there is still the earnest deposit, inspections, and appraisal.  If they leave the appointment with you feeling empowered and like they can trust you then you got them.  You will have a client for life and a booming business!


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