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See why eXp Realty is the fastest (organically) growing real estate brokerage in America. It's all about the additional income and equity opportunities that no other brokerage has. Real Estate Agents can now earn residual income, and be gifted company stock, for doing what they were already doing; selling homes! With eXp Realty, you can save money on commission splits and those outrageous fees and royalties, and also get paid a Revenue Share check each month, above and beyond what your commission checks are.

I recently did something that I have never done before in my real estate career… I switched brokerages! For the entire 9+ years that I've been a real estate agent, I had been with one brokerage, thinking that because I had a cheap transaction fee, I was in good shape. Despite not having any added benefits aside from a low transaction fee, I had always operated based on the assumption that it couldn't get any better. But then a few friends of mine switched to eXp Realty, along with a mentor of mine who I looked up to. I took notice, but still thought “I'm too busy to think about going anywhere else. Plus, what can they really have that would make it worth switching?”

Finally after a year of my friends talking about all the benefits and financial upside I was missing out on, the residual income they were getting paid, and the company stock they were accumulating, I figured it wouldn't hurt to at least LOOK at what eXp Realty was offering. I watched the movie above, and realized that I had wasted too much time ignoring this incredible (and lucrative!!) opportunity with EXP Realty. A few days later, I filled out the application to join EXP Realty, and never looked back!


Join eXp Realty today and work directly with me, Dustin Brohm, Host of the Massive Agent Podcast, Co-Founder of the Industry Syndicate media network, and fellow Realtor in Salt Lake City, Utah. We're building a nationwide team of hungry, like-minded real estate agents to work with, side by side, as a true team. I hope you'll join us!

-Dustin Brohm

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