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Follow Up Boss 30 day free trial

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I personally recommend Follow Up Boss as the #1 real estate CRM for any Realtor looking to grow or scale. Why? Because a majority of the agents, teams or brokerages who have grown or scaled quickly are all using Follow Up Boss! I've personally used a half dozen of the leading real estate agent CRM's out there, and none of them are as user friendly, intuitive, fully featured, or as perfectly designed for quickly growing a real estate sales business as Follow Up Boss.

It's not a coincidence that the majority of the largest, most productive real estate agents and teams out there use Follow Up Boss. If you're a Realtor who is doing pretty good or ok, and you're ready to scale and grow quickly, Follow Up Boss is the real estate CRM made for exactly that. Follow Up Boss usually only offers a 14 day free trial directly from them, but they're giving a 30 day free trial of Follow Up Boss to Massive Agent Podcast listeners. Epic!



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Starting a podcast and need to decide on a host? The hosting platform is what you upload the actual audio files to, and the host syndicates the podcast out to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, etc. I personally use Buzzsprout to host the Massive Agent Podcast and our Industry Syndicate Original Podcasts. I get asked all the time about the host I use, and this is it. Buzzsprout. Another widely used podcast host in the industry is Libsyn, but to be honest… it's awful. Super hard to use, outdated, and can't do anything special that Buzzsprout can't do. I prefer Buzzsprout's better user interface, ease of use, and better looking embeddable podcast players to any other podcast hosting platform that I've seen. Buzzsprout is just so damn easy to use!


Recommended Podcasting Gear

This Amazon Prime list shows you which microphone's I use and recommend, and a couple other pieces of gear you need. Get the cheaper mic on the list, the Audio Technica one, a pop filter, and an arm to keep the mic up off your desk and in front of your face. I personally use the Blue Yeti mic shown on this list, but it is VERY sensitive and will pickup lots of background noise. It has great, rich sound, but if you want an “easier to use” mic that is not as sensitive, but still sounds great, then get the Audio Technica one.


I just discovered an awesome service called It will automatically publish your audio and video content to multiple platforms, like Facebook Live videos onto YouTube. Repurpose also will turn your podcast episodes into YouTube videos. We now have all episodes of the Massive Agent Podcast on YouTube, and it was extremely easy and cheap to do. It uploaded all our past episodes in just one night. I do the $20/mo Content Marketer plan. Highly Recommend!

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  • $0 Setup Fee
  • New Easy Agent Pro CRM free for 12 months!
  • Free content marketing game planning session & walkthrough (Hint: DO THIS!!) 

I personally use and recommend Easy Agent Pro real estate agent websites. I use them for my Search Salt Lake website, and have been for over 3 years now. After a ton of research on website options for real estate agents, I feel Easy Agent Pro is the best VALUE in the game. Agents really can't find anything better than Easy Agent Pro for the money. Trust me, I've looked 🙂


Massive Agent Podcast listeners are getting hooked up w/ a FREE Audiobook from Audible and a 30-Day free trial. Just use THIS LINK or click the image above to get the free book. The best part is that even if you cancel during the trial, they let you keep the audiobook! Thank you Audible, for being a great sponsor and hooking us up.


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