How to Turn Old Leads into New Clients and Increase Your Business

There's Gold in Them Hills!

You probably have a pile of old leads that are just sitting there in your CRM, not assigned to a Drip campaign, and not being contacted. Usually, they're older leads, 6+ months old. But I'm here to tell you “There's gold in them hills!” There are a few simple things you can do to revive those old leads and bring them back to life.
Those old leads may not have panned out (yet!) or responded to any of your communications.  These are not dead leads!  People are really just acting the same way you act.  We all hate getting phone calls asking us for help when aren't necessarily ready to receive it.  Prospective leads don't want to talk to anyone until they are ready.  Remember, they did opt-in for something which usually means that they are interested in what is being offered.  They might just not be ready.   This means it's game on for you!  You need to figure what it takes to engage them and how persistent you need to be doing so to convert them.  The average lead responds after 7 attempts.  This is why it is so important to keep following up with text, email and phone calls, over time, until they respond. Who is going to give up first? You, or them?
In order to do this efficiently, you need a good CRM in place.  You should follow up with these leads within 5 minutes.  Agentology is a company I use to follow up with my leads immediately.  They are awesome because they integrate with your CRM and create a seamless system of lead follow up for the first initial touches. They respond within 5 minutes, guaranteed, 24/7/365. No individual ISA on the planet will do that!
Even if your leads are not responding don't assume the lead is dead.  Remember they ARE interested and you have their contact info.  Everyone says they are “just looking.”  It's human nature to not ask for help, or these days, to want to be left alone.  They will typically never ask for help.  So you need to be persistent; to reach out to them and get their attention.  If you have 300 leads between 6-12 months old and have a decent CRM send out a mass text or email that says, “are you still looking to buy a house?”  Go back through all your old leads and resuscitate them.  You will be surprised what response you get.  You have an obligation to people even though they are making it difficult to serve them.  Another thing you could do is to run a contest.  Run a contest and give away an Amazon gift card, Echo Dot, or Parade of Homes tickets.  Sending them something they can win gets them re-engaged and thinking about you and houses again.
Having the right CRM is super important to have in place to systemize all of these tasks I have talked about.  I currently use LionDesk the past several years with my Search Salt Lake website.  I have currently started testing the KVCore lead gen system.  It's a very powerful platform.  I'm learning it for two reasons.  If it is better than what I'm currently using then I want to start to implement it and replace my current system.  Also at the same time, I want to know how it works so when new agents join my eXp Realty team, I can help them with their KVCore system and teach them how to best use the platform to get new business and leads.

Taking a Break

Having the proper systems in place is vital to scale and manage multiple endeavours.  I personally have bit off more than I can chew.  I don't have the systems in place to handle everything well.  I have too many plates spinning.  The old saying, “the man that chases two rabbits catches none.”  I am always thinking about what I can systemize and outsource so I can focus on a few key things that are going to produce revenue.  Try to focus on one thing making progress every day.  This should keep you excited and be seeing tangible evidence of success.
Guys, its ok to take a break from your business too.  Seeing #hustle everywhere used to make me feel weak if I took any time off or had to take a break from my business.  Taking time off is not weak.  Taking care of yourself mentally is smart.  The next day after doing so is usually super productive.  Not everyone is wired like Gary Vee. Most people can't consistently work 18 hours a day without eventually burning out.  I am not Gary Vee. Every once in a while I have to shut off my phone and think about other stuff rather than work.  When I do this I have a renewed focus.  If you are not taking breaks or stepping back from your business you run the risk of a breakdown, and it can lead to divorce and failed relationships.   I have realized the importance of making time for family and having a life outside of my business to maintain balance and happiness.  I hope I can encourage you to do the same and find a work-life balance that works for you.


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