A HUGE gap in mentality of Realtors has created two different real estate industries; one based in arrogance, the other in realism

Two different real estate industries

There are two totally different real estate industries for Realtors. It's never been more glaring or more obvious than coming to Inman Connect in NYC and seeing the huge gap in the mentality among real estate agents. One group of real estate agents looks down on social media and content creation. They think they're above it. They think that “REAL” real estate agents don't need to stoop to the level of doing a podcast or a vlog, or Instagram stories. They get business through referrals from Happy Hour's and cocktail parties. Coincidentally (or not!) this group seems to only wear suits, sport coats, and lapel pins. These Realtors have been doing the same things to get business for so many years that they've tricked themselves into thinking it will be like this forever… that somehow they're immune to the powerful forces about to turn our industry on its head.

Then the other group of Realtors uses every single tech tool and online resource they can to expand their brand and get more clients. They try to figure out how to put out more content, in more places, more often. They use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, podcasting, blogging, vlogging, and Alexa Flash Briefings. This “new school” group of Realtors know what time it is; they see the writing on the wall of what kind of disruption is on the horizon. They're doing everything they can to build a great online presence and to generate their own leads online.

If I had to guess which camp YOU are in, I'd bet everything you're in the latter. If you're listening to this show, you are open to learning new things. And guess what? If you implement what you're learning here, and do it consistently… you will win.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1: 0:00 On this episode of the Massive Agent Podcast, I am recording this from Times Square in New York City at the Inman Connect conference, and I'm going to tell you how the real estate industry is really split into. There's two totally different real estate industries. I'll explain what I mean.

Speaker 1: 0:41 Welcome to episode 58 of the Massive Agent Podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in today. I am in Times Square in New York City. I am recording this in my hotel room overlooking Times Square. So you're gonna hear sirens, you're going to hear construction. You're going to hear lots of background noise because, well, I'm in the middle of New York City during the middle of the workday, so, uh, we're just going to have to deal with that. But Hey, authentic sounds of the city. I'm at Inman connect to New York right now and the conference goes from, it went from Tuesday until Friday and I'm going to give you some thoughts, some observations that I've made. It's becoming so apparent to me that the real estate industry has already been split in two, like there's two totally different industries and I'll explain what I mean by that. If you are new to the show, thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate it.

Speaker 1: 1:35 My name is Dustin Brohm, your host. I'm a Realtor in Salt Lake City, Utah with eXp Realty. I mean national speaker trainer and coach on all things real estate marketing, founder of the massive agent society. That's our lead generation facebook ads training and a training and support program. Check that out at www.massiveagentsociety.com if you want to know how to generate your own leads and become a facebook ads master. And I'm also the Co-founder of the Industry Syndicate Media Network. So I'm really, I'm kinda thrown off my whole podcast recording routine because I'm not using my normal mic. If you saw my instagram story earlier in the week, I have this little portable mic, it's called the Samson Go Mic and it's like $35 on Amazon. It's super portable. Like it's, it's like half the size of a deck of cards and it folds up. It does a really good job for a mobile mic.

Speaker 1: 2:30 But the sound is a little off. I'm not, you know, you might hear some stuff that sounds lower quality than normal, but guess what? This is a lower quality recording. It just is because I'm in a hotel room on the go. We're just going to have to deal. So there's that guys. I'm walking around Inman Connect here in New York and I'm assuming you have not been to an Inman Connect conference, but it's, it's so interesting. We're in Manhattan and I didn't fully get this, but there's, there's two totally different real estate industries among agents. There's the real estate agents that are using technology to their advantage. They, they've been using social media effectively for years. They, they fully accepted a long time ago that social media marketing and online marketing and technology. Is it like that's how you do business? That's how you separate yourself from your competition.

Speaker 1: 3:25 That's how you, that's how you effectively market homes and market yourself and your brand and it's amazing how, especially here in Manhattan, there's this whole other crowd, this whole other industry of agents that don't even have a facebook page, like they don't see the value in a Facebook Page because they work off referrals and they've done it for decades and that's all they do. And even the younger agents like, they still don't have any kind of clue when it comes to online marketing. They wear suits, they wear name tags, they wear lapel pins. You know what I'm talking about. And I'm trying my best not to disparage these people. They're just there. They're a different, a different crowd than I'm in. Like for example, when I spoke on stage yesterday, well, when you're hearing this, it was a couple days ago, I spoke on Tuesday at Inman Connect about how to start a podcast.

Speaker 1: 4:16 And it was a solo presentation up on the main stage and every, you know, everyone's dressed up, everyone has nice shoes. You know, like everyone looks nice, I roll up in a tee shirt and jeans because that's just what I wear. Like I've, I've literally never worn a suit in my life. I do not own a suit. I've never borrowed a suit. I've never rented one. I've never worn a suit. I've worn it. Tucks. I've rented a Tux for my wedding and for, you know, senior prom and all that, but I've never worn a suit. But then there's this whole other crowd, like the vast majority of attendees here at Inman, at least the New York City Inman, that they're in suits, suits, ties, or at the very least sport coat. Like I just, it's so interesting to me and with talking with these people, they think podcasting is a fad.

Speaker 1: 5:04 They, they think social media marketing is gimmicky. They, they might have a website, but they don't even have Facebook Pages. They think Facebook Ads are for the birds, you know, they is. There's just a totally different thinking. And, and then after seeing some of the content coming out at Inman, it's very obvious that, that our industry is a lot further behind. As a whole than I thought, I knew that there were a lot of agents that needed some help and that's why I started this show a year ago is to help agents and loan officers with, you know, with lead generation, how to get more leads, how to sell more homes, how to market yourself. This is, this is a real estate marketing and lead generation podcasts for agents and loan officers and I started it because I know people need help, but there's people that haven't even accepted the fact that they need help, like I don't know how they think they're going to be getting business.

Speaker 1: 6:01 Once blockchain actually become something in our industry, like its blockchain technology is working under the surface, behind the scenes under our noses. We don't quite see what's going on, but all it takes is someone to release some new product or service or a way of doing things that changes everything overnight and those, those who have not been branding, those who have not been marketing themselves online and on social media and have no presence there, they're screwed because without brand, without people recognizing who they are and knowing their name and their brand and their company, they don't stand a chance. They just don't stand a chance and it's on one hand it's sad. On the other hand, the competitive part of me is like, well, I'm just going to kick your ass. You know, and most of you guys that are listening, you're going to take over your competition in your local markets because they're doing the wrong shit.

Speaker 1: 6:58 They're ignoring what they should be doing to build a brand and to build that name recognition locally because what they're doing is working up to this point. They ignore what they should be doing for a thriving business two or three years down the road because they've been getting referrals up to this point so that they don't bother to learn how to generate their own leads. They don't bother with facebook page. They sure as hell don't bother with Instagram or Linkedin and what's going to happen is they're just going to be. They're going to be left behind, they're going to be lapped by the rest of us and that group of people, that whole other real estate industry, if you will, is a lot bigger than I thought. It's a lot bigger than I thought and it's not necessarily older agents. It's not. It's not the over 50 crowd. Well it. I mean it's mostly the over 50 crowd, but it's not limited to the over 50 crowd because a lot of you guys I've talked to, you're over 50. You get it, you're doing the right stuff, you're implementing the the shit that you need to do to win at a local level and a lot of you are so it's not an age thing. It's A.

Speaker 1: 8:09 I'll be honest. I think a lot of it is arrogance, especially in Manhattan agents and loan officers are like, well, I'm an, I'm an agent in Manhattan. I'm a broker. You know that they all call themselves brokers when they're not a, they're not a real estate broker. Like they don't have their broker's license. And I know that's just what they call themselves. Like some people call themselves a realtor, some people call themselves an agent, you know, I get it, but there's like this snobbiness and snootiness with a lot of these people that have a long list of designations after their name because they think it fricking means something that they have an alphabet soup after their name on their business cards and, and they think that that's just going to carry them forever. Like there's, there's some agents that are under 30 that have mentors who are doing wrong and don't care about branding because of arrogance, arrogance or short sightedness thinking that what's working for them today will always work.

Speaker 1: 9:06 Well, how stupid is that? And then, uh, and then they go to happy hour and talk to their buddies about how, how crazy it is that technology's moving so fast. And can you believe that Amazon's delivering packages within an hour by drone now? And you can, you can you believe that, you know, this, that, and the other thing, they say that on one hand and then they don't translate that into their business. That's the biggest mistake ever. If you are, if you're one of those people that you're not implementing this stuff. We talk about every single week on this show or that I talk about every damn day. If you're not doing this stuff because you have business right now and you're, you're getting deals now, that's shortsighted. Okay? That's why blockbuster went out of business because they, they're like, no, we're good. We're Blockbuster. You know, you're a little Netflix thing.

Speaker 1: 9:55 It's, you know, the Internet is kind of a fad or you know, we're Blockbuster. Well guess what? They're not Blockbuster anymore. So that's the thinking. So stop it. So there's two real estate industries. If you're an agent or a loan officer, that's, that's really diving in and creating a brand and marketing and taking advantage of all these amazing free tools, the social media platforms, and spending some money on facebook ads and learning how to run facebook ads. You're going to win. You just have to keep going and keep pushing forward.

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Speaker 1: 11:42 Get your free audio book. Type in Relentless by Tim Grover, it is a black cover. Tim Grover was Michael Jordan's trainer for years. He was Michael Jordan's personal trainer. He also was Koby Bryant's trainer and Dwayne Wade's trainer, like this guy has coached the best of the best and he is amazing with mindset. Such a great book. It's really helped me out with my mindset and I think it'll help you guys out too. So last time, CLICK HERE and download Tim Grover's Relentless or any other book you want for free, whether you, whether you move forward after the trial or not. You get to keep it. So here's a little story that kind of prompted, prompted, prompted me even doing this topic. So one of my good friends, Josh Pitts, he's, he was on this show a few weeks ago. He's the host of the Daily #LOLife show on Facebook and he's a Co-founder of our Industry Syndicate media network.

Speaker 1: 12:44 So he's here at the conference as well. And he, he wears hats all the time, like I usually wear hats. Uh, but he's wearing his Industry Syndicate hat and he's just walking through the conference and this, this older agent comes up, you know, some stuffy son of a bitch with a suit. And he's like, he's like, are you kidding me right now? You're wearing a hat that's “so disrespectful and irreverent”. First off is this church? like I didn't realize that at a real estate conference where everyone's getting hammered. I didn't realize that that's a church, you know, and, and Josh, Josh was nice and kind of, you know, he's like, well, okay, thanks dude, you know, but that's the mindset of these people have the other real estate industry that I'm talking about. They think that you have to dress a certain way, that you have to act a certain way, that you have to mark it a certain way, that you have to be a certain, uh, certain, uh, you have to be a certain way to be a real estate agent.

Speaker 1: 13:39 That's arrogance, that's being a snitch, a snobby son of a bitch. And this guy obviously was who does that? I mean like it's a real estate conference and that same guy was probably like pounding, you know, Jack and cokes a minute ago. But he's like, well, you can't, you know, wearing a hat is so eerie, irreverent and disrespectful. Like that's, that's just a glimpse into this other real estate industry that I'm talking about. These people are going to lose because I'm going to win and you're going to win you guys that are implementing the shit that we talk about. You're going to win. You might not win next month, you might not win next year, but I'm telling you over the long run, if you, if you implement the content marketing stuff, if you, if you take lead generation into your own hands, you're going to win.

Speaker 1: 14:30 These people are going to be phased out. They're gonna… They're not gonna know what hit them. They're going to be on unemployment and you know, some of the most arrogant agents among us are going to be some of the most unemployed and it's going to be kind of awesome. Look, I'm not advocating for people losing their jobs and you know, having financial stress and all that stuff and a bankruptcy. I'm not like, that's not what I want to see for anyone. But like from a competitive standpoint, from a business standpoint, like some not everybody can win. The people that are doing the wrong things deserve to lose. These people are so. I can't stress enough how important it is if you have not yet. If you have not yet implemented a content marketing strategy or started that podcast or launched your Alexa flash briefing or started doing a local facebook live show or a youtube show, you have to do it.

Speaker 1: 15:25 When I, when I was on stage the other day at Inman talking about how to start a podcast and walking people through that process, one of the biggest things that I was one of my biggest points was that you have to just start you. It's like driving a car until you start driving. How are you ever going to learn? You can't learn how to drive a car unless you're driving, unless you're behind the wheel. Like you know you can't learn that process by reading a book, so you have to start whatever, whatever show or our content strategy that you've been wanting to do. If you're one of those people that's holding back, first off, I get it. I'm with you. I understand. I, I held back for a long time before I started blogging back in the day and by back in the day. I mean like four years ago.

Speaker 1: 16:12 It wasn't that long ago, but when I, when I first started, because I didn't know, I, you know, I had mentors telling me one thing, they're like, look, this stuff works, here's how you need to do it. And I trusted them, but since I hadn't done it personally, it freaked me out a little bit because it was a big time commitment, a big, um, you know, it can be a big financial commitment depending on how you do it. And so I, I held back, um, but then, then I started creating the habit of just doing it and learning it along the way. Obviously this podcast, you know, that when I started this I didn't know what the hell I was doing and I still kind of don't, you know, but I'm doing it anyways. You have to start, you have to start whatever content strategy that you have in mind start because that's how you learn and you can't improve and get better unless you're doing it.

Speaker 1: 17:00 It's going to suck at first just to just accept it. Just accept that fact. But guess what? The more you keep doing it and if you make it better every single time, pretty soon it's not going to suck and then it's going to become really good and then so then it will become great and then you'll start getting recognition for it. Like a year ago I started this podcast and it was terrible. Fast forward a year, I'm speaking onstage at inman connect in the general session on how to do a podcast like I'm the. I'm the one they chose to do that. That, that just speaks to how you need to start and learn how to do it along the way. Because if I, Dustin Brohm can do it, I guarantee you can. I'm not special if you know me, you know what a fricking dumpster fire I have.

Speaker 1: 17:44 You know, if I can do this stuff, I guarantee you can too. So I'm sitting here in, in our hotel room in time square, looking out over Times Square, beautiful sunny day, but it's fricking freezing out there and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to go up to central park today or what I'm going to do. Am I going to stay in, am I going to go out and explore? I don't know, but I fricking love New York City. Such a cool place. Um, if you, if you're at Inman, if you, if you were at inman connect, go over to our instagram profile at massive agent and send me a DM and just say, Hey, I was there and here's my thoughts. I really want to know your thoughts. Um, this is totally unsolicited and completely 100 percent, like not scientific, but since I'm here I have a little feedback on the conference because a lot of people are like, Hey, what's it like?

Speaker 1: 18:35 Is it good? Are you learning anything new? I'm not learning anything new now. I'm not going to every session. I have a lot of meetings and some interviews and stuff outside of the session. So I'm granted I'm not going to all the sessions, but the feedback that I'm getting from those who are, is that this is a very beginner shit. Uh, I don't know what happened. I don't know if this is normal for him in New York, but the stuff that's being taught is so entry level like beyond beginner, like you know, oh here you should use g suite to, you know, to get a custom email address. That's the Kinda Shit that they're talking about at this conference. Again, two different real estate industries. There's the people that like, to them that's, that's revolutionary. Like oh my God, I should, I should get accustomed email address or I should have a facebook page, but my God, I could do facebook ads.

Speaker 1: 19:27 It's a totally different real estate real estate industry than the one that I'm in and that you're probably in. So I really wonder what the overall feedback from most people is going to be with this, but so far it doesn't sound too good. And I like, look, I'm not, I'm not intentionally and inman basher, like I respect the hell out of this organization and what they've done and you know, appreciate the opportunity to speak and you know, I look forward to speaking again. Hopefully if they'll have me back. But like, just being honest, the feedback is that it's very, very, um, it's not tactical, it's way too beginner to way too high level, nothing tactical really. And, and I have been hearing some pretty negative feedback, so I'm curious how they're going to, how the next inman will be the one in Vegas, the, I guess they're doing one in Vegas instead of San Francisco this year. And uh, I don't know when that is. You can look it up on their website, but hopefully that's a little bit more tactical and maybe a little bit more advanced for the other real estate and industry. The one that we're in that actually understands marketing and the importance. It's just, it's really interesting. So take that for what it's worth. I could be totally wrong. I could just be talking to people who, um, you know, I don't know. That's, that's all I'm going to say.

Speaker 1: 20:52 One of the things that they spoke about yesterday was Alexa flash briefings. It was two sessions before I was onstage. And I'm sorry, I keep saying yesterday because I'm, I'm recording this on Wednesday, the day before this show is released, so I spoke on Tuesday a couple, a couple sessions before before mine, there was a woman on stage talking about Alexa flash briefings and everything and I think even though I enjoyed that and I'm fully on board with that and you know, we have our massive agent minute flash briefing and I just realized this a, a week or so ago. We've done 212 straight episodes. Two hundred and 12 straight episodes of the Massive Agent Minute. So go all you have to do on your Alexa device or just your Alexa App. You can download the Alexa App, you don't need an echo device and then say “Alexa, enable Massive Agent Minute”… and then you've enabled our flash briefing!

Speaker 1: 21:47 And then listen daily. We have a new one every single day, but they were talking about flash briefings and I guarantee that went over the head of 99% of the people in the audience. But that one person that got it, it was worth it for them because they're like, wow, no one else is doing that. Everyone else in this room has probably poo pooing it. Like, well I don't need to do that. I'm above that. I'm a Manhattan realtor with a fucking name tag, you know? Okay. But one person got that and they're gonna they're going to do a flash briefing and they're going to crush it in their market eventually. But flash briefings for key. Oh, here's something funny. So when I started my talk, I'm like, I asked for a show of hands on like how many of you guys have a podcast?

Speaker 1: 22:28 And I think there were probably a thousand, maybe 1500 people in the room, maybe less than that. I'm not sure. I'm a terrible judge of crowd size. I don't know. But I know they had 4,000 registered. So I don't know how many were actually in attendance. One person wrote, one person raised their hand, one only one person had a podcast. Now they were all in the right room if they want to launch one. But that Kinda surprised me. It just, it showed me there's yet another example of this other real estate industry have agents that just don't know any of this stuff that that's fine. Like if you're listening to the show and you're one of those people, that's awesome, like you're in the right place and you're doing the right stuff. So good for you, but don't, don't be arrogant and poo poo it and think that you're above it and that you don't need to do that stuff because you get referrals.

Speaker 1: 23:15 Like you worked off referrals like, that's awesome. How about five years from now, are you still going to be working off referrals or is that going to dry up a year and a half from now? Like, you know, don't be so short term minded guys. This is kind of. This has been kind of a ranty episode. I didn't. I didn't really. Didn't, didn't really intend that when I started out. But yeah, I've been, I've been, I've been a little ranty, little ranty, but I got to do me. I'm a ranty guy. I'm a ranty guy. If you missed the inman connect session on how to start a podcast, uh, I, I know that inman select members, there's a live stream of it and then they will have the video of it for select members. Um, also, I, I put together all the equipment that you need.

Speaker 1: 23:58 If you're going to do a podcast, you, you, you really need a decent mic. You need a pop filter and I don't have a pop filter with me. I forgot to bring my pop filter so I should, I should post a photo of this microphone on, on Instagram, but I took some pantyhose that I got from a shoe store, you know, little up pantyhose you're supposed to put over your feet when you're trying shoes on. I snagged a couple of those and I put a piece of pantyhose over the mic because it's supposed to stop the, it hasn't worked that well as you've heard through this episode, so I apologize. But to prevent the peas and the pops, the sound, you need to have a pop filter. So you need a mic, a pop filter. You need something to record into. You could use garageband if you're on Mac, you could use your iphone, you could use, uh, you know, any video editor or a program like that.

Speaker 1:24:48If you're on a Mac, use garageband. It's free. If you're on PC, use audacity, it's free. Those are the programs that that Perot podcasters use and they're not that difficult to use. You're also going to need a host, and I use Buzzsprout. Go to massiveagentpodcast.com/buzzsprout, and they will give you a $20 Amazon Gift Card if you are a new, a new customer. So if you're looking to launch a show, you're going to need to host a host is the platform that you upload your audio file to whenever you have a new, a new show, and the host then distributes it to Itunes, spotify, Alexa, Iheartradio, Google podcasts, stitcher, everywhere else, the host is what distributes it. And, and that's where you put it in, like the title of the episode, that description, all of that stuff is done at the host. So you must have a host.

Speaker 1: 25:43 If you're going to do a podcast, if you, if you want to know exactly what kind of mic I recommend and the pop filter and all of that good stuff, just go to massive agent podcast.com/resources. There's a link to the gear I recommend. It's all in an Amazon lists so you can just buy it through Amazon prime. Um, and also a link to Buzzsprout, my host, to get that $20 Amazon Gift Card for new for new customers. And then you'll be off to the races if you're, if you're going to start your own podcast or flash briefing. So if you weren't there in attendance, that's how you can get that information. Or if you're an inmate selected member, just look for the video of my session coming sometime soon. I have no idea when. One of the highlights of my trip here to New York City at Inman was I got to meet some of the leadership of my brokerage of eXp Realty.

Speaker 1:26:30 So I've been with eXp since May of 2018 and I, I've been able to meet some of the, some of the executives that run the company and my, my impression is that they're, they're definitely smart people there. Um, you know, and I mean with this width, this is not a disrespectful thing there a little nerdy, you know, like they're, you can tell that they're the smart people in the room, like not like I was in high school or college or now like they're, they're the smart people in the room, but they're not like stuffy executives. They're not your typical Wall Street CEO or executive, which is awesome. I feel really good about the brokerage. I feel really good about who's running it and who's steering the ship and the ideas that they have. It was nice too. It was nice to meet them because when you're just an agent with a brokerage and you don't know who's steering the ship, you know, you have your perspective of how things are going, but it's not until you actually meet and talk to those steering the ship that you get some real belief or are you see the full vision or are you really get some confidence that, hey, they're moving in the right direction or these are the right people to steer the ship.

Speaker 1:27:38 I love that I was able to meet these people. They seem like they, they really are moving in the right direction and are extremely competent. So I'm stoked about that. I, I really enjoy being an agent with eXp Realty. Uh, they gave me the tools I need. They give me well more, more tools than I than I thought that I'd have, which is awesome for capturing leads and my CRM and all that stuff. But above that, and you guys have heard me talk about this before. For me, I wanted to create an additional revenue stream above and beyond just commission. If you're a one dimensional in where your income is coming from, that's a problem or it could be a problem if for if something happened, maybe you just get bored or you get sick or a family member gets injured and you have to stay home for three months with them and you can't go out showing homes and you can't take listing presentations and you stop your marketing.

Speaker 1: 28:28 If your income is 100% based on commission, you're screwed. That's a big problem. So I. What I love most about eXp Realty is it's a great brokerage. They give you a lot of amazing tools and they give you the ability to have another income stream that comes in passively residually every single month just by helping to bring other agents into the brokerage as well. It's a very powerful structure. It's, it's, um, they took the Keller Williams revenue share model or the recruiting model made it more lucrative, made it more simple and better. And that's why you see so many teams flocking from KW over to eXp Realty. It's just a more lucrative, simple programs. So I love that. That gives me a little more financial stability each month, whether I'm closing transactions or not and and so I love that. If you're one of those agents that you want to build another income stream, you want to get company stock for, for closing deals and and have.

Speaker 1: 29:26 So really there's two extra income streams, like you get a bunch of company stock, which is awesome. I mean it's not like you're going to sell that for income, but if you're building that up, you're collecting and piling up that stock and the revenue sharing income stream. If you want to learn about what I'm talking about and see how it works, all you have to do is go push play on a video. We don't need to get on a phone call unless you want to just CLICK HERE, then click play, and that video that a recorded webinar will walk you through visually what eXp Realty is all about and then you can see what I saw. You might not like it the same way. It may not resonate with you. It may not be for you. That is totally cool, but at least do yourself the favor of educating yourself on why eXp Realty is growing so fast because I'm telling you we're onto something big and it's still still very small.

Speaker 1:30:20 We only have 16,000 agents and Keller Williams itself has like, I'm going to butcher it like almost 200,000 agents, I want to say like 180,000 Remax has over $100,000 like and then all these other brokerages have hundreds of thousands of agents. We have 16. So do you think there's a growth opportunity? I say Yes to learn more to see if you want to educate yourself on the opportunity. Go to, sorry, go to massive agent podcast.com/exp and click play on the video and if you like what you see or you have further questions, shoot me a message. Let's talk. Guys. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for tuning in. My name is Dustin Brown. I am your host and if you would, if you like this show, if you want to continue listening and you don't want to have to remember to tune in every Thursday morning when a new episode is released, please go subscribe in Itunes, subscribe wherever you listen, but especially in itunes. Please go subscribe to the show and then every new episode will be downloaded automatically and you won't forget. Thank you so much guys. Have an amazing weekend. Go

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Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents | Massive Agent SocietyWe recently announced the big changes to our Massive Agent Society real estate lead gen training program that we've been teasing these last few weeks. It's better and more value packed than ever! Visit the Massive Agent Society website for all the details on pricing and what's included.

Don't reinvent the wheel! Use our ads that have been proven to bring in leads, over and over again. Massive Agent Society members get access to our exclusive copy & paste Facebook Ads database, where real estate agents & loan officers can simply choose the ad and type of lead they want to run, copy, paste, and submit! It takes all the guess work out of Facebook ads for real estate leads, and gives you everything you need to run an ad that has been proven to work.



The Industry Syndicate

The Industry Syndicate is officially LIVE! Industry Syndicate is the first ever real estate industry media network. Or as we like to call it “Real Estate's Media Network“. The first-of-its-kind in the entire real estate industry, the Industry Syndicate launches with 17 shows from 13 different hosts. Shows for real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, marketing, and branding.

The Industry Syndicate was co-founded by Jason Frazier, Phil Treadwell, and myself.

The next thing you'll see from the Industry Syndicate is our very own mobile app, with each show having their own “real estate” to connect with their community and audience. It will be great for building their community, but also for discovering other great shows that you may enjoy also, and connect with those communities. It's going to be awesome!

Eventually, the Industry Syndicate will launch and produce our own original programming and content! Stay tuned

Visit the Industry Syndicate website for more info

Inman Connect Recap: How the Real Estate Industry Split in Half

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