Creating video is a requirement, but it's much easier than you think to get started

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Right now, today, it's pretty much a requirement that Realtors produce video to some degree. It's 2019, only a few months away from 2020! If you don't have a great online presence in a way where potential clients can SEE you, get to know you, and make a connection with you, then it's just a matter of time before you go out of business. If you can't be seen, you literally don't exist. 

Video is the medium that makes you visible in the most powerful, impactful way possible, short of an in person meeting. When you not only hear someone talking, but see them talking, and see their body language while talking, connections can be made faster than just about anything else. 

But video can be done in very simple, easy, and inexpensive ways. You don't need to go spend $1,000's on video equipment and 20 hours a week editing video to successfully use video to grow your real estate brand. In fact, sometimes the less edited and less polished the video is, the better it performs. 

This week, we're joined by Tim Macy, a co-founder of RETV and a top-producing Realtor in San Antonio, TX who has built his entire real estate brand using video. He'll break down some of the most common misconceptions about what kind of videos real estate agents should be using, and share some of his best performing video ideas. Tim will share his thoughts on what kind of video equipment the average Realtor should have, and exactly how to get started producing video on a razor thin budget today.

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Tim Macy

Tim Macy is an Air Force Veteran and REALTOR w/ RoundHouse Realty Group, Powered by eXp Realty in San Antonio, Texas. He's been able to successfully leverage video to build a business and team that does over 100 deals a year.



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Dustin Brohm, the Host of the Massive Agent Podcast, is a Realtor in Salt Lake City, Utah w/ the Search Salt Lake team, a real estate media company, brand, and team that he founded. Dustin is a sought after speaker and trainer in the real estate industry. He was a speaker at Inman Connect San Fran 2017, and a contributor, blogger, speaker, host of a local show called the Salt Lake Insider show, and a non-real estate media company by the same name, Salt Lake Insider. His work has been published on prominent real estates sites like the Zillow blog, RISMedia, HomeLight, Onion Juice Podcast, Real Estate Uncensored, Future of Real Estate,, Inman, RESAAS, Adwerx, Zurple, and more. Dustin recently launched the Massive Agent Society, a powerful all-inclusive lead gen training system for Realtors and Loan Officers, and exclusive referral network, in April 2018.

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