I have an ANNOUNCEMENT! 🙂 But first…

“Provide value! Provide value!” Right? That's all, just provide value. We hear it over and over, but do we really even know what the hell that means anymore?

On this episode of the Massive Agent Podcast, we unveil the ground-breaking Massive Agent Society, discuss what “providing value” truly means, and answer a listener question about developing a pre-MLS marketing strategy. This is a GREAT episode, personally I think it's the best one so far. I was in the zone and certainly brought the energy!

Announcing the Massive Agent Society

First off, let’s introduce the Massive Agent Society, an exclusive resource and community which gives the member agents and loan officers access to a nationwide referral network as well as an extensive, modern collection of all-inclusive Facebook ads, including ad ideas, images, headlines, other creative elements, and audience targeting specifics. Members will also have a closed Facebook group to communicate with each other, and with me.  The Society is exclusive in that only one agent per market will be granted access. The Massive Agent Society is the first of its kind, connecting agents from across the country who want to be at the top of their game, generate leads like crazy, and be in good company with like-minded agents. It is launching on April 1, 2018, but listeners of this podcast can get on the waiting list right now through our chatbot (http://m.me/massiveagent) – do it right now! 

Podcast listeners will also receive a special discounted rate of $299/month (normally $499/month) and the first 50 people to sign up will receive their own custom chatbot, built for you.  If you'd like to join the society as an agent/lender team, we will also be running a discounted rate of $499/month for an agent and loan officer who sign up together, so go make the call now to get your loan officer on board! We'll even bill you each separately, 50/50, to ensure we're compliant to RESPA co-marketing rules.

What “providing value” looks like

Now, for the meat of the episode – “providing value.” We all know that the key to increased leads and sales is to provide more value to clients, but what does that really look like? Paid leads are great, but organic leads gained through creatively providing value to consumers have more staying power and can be that much more impactful. Plus, they're “free!” The best ways to provide value to clients is to create content that helps them in some way; by teaching them something about the market or industry that they didn’t already know, the consumer will view you as the expert on the topic and reach out to you when they are ready to buy or explore the market.  Your name will come to mind first because you taught them something either on your blog or in a social media video that stuck with them.

There's also value in humor and entertainment. If you can entertain someone or make them laugh, that's value. So in addition to teaching something to the consumer, figure out a way to entertain as well.

Massive Q & A

Finally, for the Massive Q&A, we answer Jeff Underwood's question about developing a pre-MLS marketing strategy. I recommend that you tell the client exactly how much time you need before hitting the MLS to get the professional photos and video in order to create the most effective listing for their property. I tell my clients that to sell their home for the most money, I need 10 days. During that time I get the photos & video, and run targeted Facebook ads, as well as sending out a “coming soon” listing email to my buyer database. One of the benefits of running Facebook Ads (or Google Adwords, or whatever else) is that you can build up a huge list of potential buyers. Mine has grown to thousands over the last couple years, and you better believe there's someone in there who has been waiting for a home like the one I'm sending to them, announcing they can be one of the first to see it.

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