Opendoor and Zillow Partnership is a Wakeup Call for Realtors

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WTF is happening with Zillow and Opendoor? If you haven't heard, Opendoor was fined $60+ Million by the FTC in the past few weeks for falsifying consumer promises and cheating home sellers out of thousands of dollars. So what did they do? They partnered with Zillow as a target lead source. What does that mean for day-to-day Realtors? It means you need to button up your business because the eyes of the government are on us.

On this week's episode of the Massive Agent Podcast, host Dustin Brohm stresses the importance of articulating the correct value you provide for the fees that you charge. You might already be doing that, but today's urgency is more significant than yesterday's. No, normal-day Realtors are not going to have to leave the industry. But, If you thought Opendoor and Zillow were dead, you thought wrong.

Many agents rely solely on the market, but that isn't going to cut it. The key here is to dominate search, social media, and video so you can beat Zillow on a local level. Zillow has been around for over a decade, so don't be intimidated. Start learning to articulate your value proposition at its utmost potential. Ask yourself, what services will you provide daily or behind the scenes? What exactly are they going to walk away with? Then execute it.



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