Once you have a consumer's attention, can you KEEP it?

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We spend so much time talking about real estate marketing tactics so that we can get the attention of the consumer. Without their attention, nothing else matters. We need to get their attention so they can listen to what we're saying or watch what we want to show them. Marketing for attention is critical, but it's not the whole story.

Once Realtors have the consumer's attention, they need to KEEP it. The way we do that is by having substance. Showing and demonstrating that we really are the expert or resource that we claim to be. Do we REALLY know what we're talking about as Realtors? Are we skilled at our profession.

Having the best marketing campaign or ad doesn't mean much if we get a ton of people to stop their scrolling and listen to us, only to decide that we are shallow. That we don't have a whole lot of expertise or experience doing what we're talking about. Do you claim to be a real estate agent who is an expert on your town?

Great. But can you back that up? Are you truly an expert? Will the consumer FEEL that you're the expert they thought you were? This week you'll learn some tips for building your credibility and “substance” as a real estate agent.

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Why Having Substance is Just as Important as Great Marketing


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